Why Trend Micro?

Quick Facts About Trend Micro

  • A global leader in Internet content security
  • No.1 Internet Security Brand in Japan
  • No.2 Internet Security Brand in US
  • Current Heavy Brand/Retail Investment in UK & Europe
  • Enterprise-level Technology in Consumer Products
  • Revenue = $1 billion (USD)
  • Presence in more than 30 countries globally
  • Awarded Security Vendor of the Year 2010 at the Computer Reseller News Awards 2010 (the fifth industry award to be won in 2010; beat six competitors to secure the coveted title)

Why Use Trend Micro’s Smart Technology?

The Trend Micro™ Advantage

  • Lighter on your PC's resources so it runs faster
  • Best at stopping web threats before they reach you
  • Smart protection for your home network
  • Allows user to surf the web without worry

The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network Advantage

Leverages a unique, cloud-client architecture, powered by a global network of threat intelligence sensors, email, web, and file reputation technologies that work together to dramatically reduce infections before they reach you. So no more annoying updates or scans to impact your PC’s performance!


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NSS Lab Report Analysis

Trend Micro offers the best protection against web malware, and has minimal impact on performance. Our researchers found that the product is well ahead of most of the competition in protecting against web-based socially-engineered malware." said Rick Moy, president of NSS Labs.

Trend Micro Maximum Security product is rated the best at protecting against web-based socially-engineered malware.

  • Trend Micro achieved a malware over-time prevention rating of 90.1 percent, blocking 79 percent on download, and caught 76.4 percent of zero hour blocks, the percent of threats blocked upon first exposure to the endpoint.
  • Its average time to block was just over three hours, compared to the overall average of 13.5 hours. Time to block is the average time after the first exposure for security vendors to provide a block to new threats.
  • With an impact score of 0.21, Trend Micro had the lowest impact score of the most effective products in the NSS Labs "Recommended" category.


NSS Labs reported that Trend Micro is lighter on your PC’s resources so it runs faster.

Copying a file over the network is much quicker with Trend Micro compared to competitors, Kaspersky, McAfee, and Symantec.


No need to worry about the amount of disk space that your antivirus package consumes on your PC.

NSS Labs reported that Trend Micro uses less disk space than other competitors.


Trend Micro is the best at stopping web threats before they reach you. NSS Lab has reported that Trend Micro provides greater protection against malware, blocking 90% of malware. Its average time to block was just over three hours, compared to the overall average of


Is your anti-virus package eating up most of your computer’s memory and slowing every other application down? Then switch to a Trend Micro product. NSS Labs observed that Trend Micro takes up only about 50% of what Symantec and Kaspersky do.

Data furnished from the NSS Labs Report “Endpoint Protection Products Test Report for Socially Engineered Malware,” September 2010. NSS Labs is an independent testing firm. For more information, visit www.nsslabs.com.

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